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The Sanitas Foundation, which runs the Specialist Medical Centre, was founded in 2010 at the initiative of Grzegorz Bierecki. The purpose of the Foundation is healthcare, in particular through building medical clinics, helping hospitals and medical institutions, supporting preventive healthcare and medical research, helping the people suffering from diseases which are severe and hard to cure and those who are waiting for difficult or expensive medical procedures.


I help others in gratitude for my recovery

As I was watching people struggle with life’s adversities, with cancer, and experienced myself the efforts which such struggle involves, I decided to establish the Foundation and to call into being the Sanitas Specialist Medical Centre. It was the idea of supporting people in need and of making modern healthcare services available to my compatriots that has lain at the root of the project.bierecki.jpg

The establishment of the Sanitas Foundation was not a momentary impulse. I was perfectly aware of the weight of the decision and the responsibility that would lie on the shoulders of the leaders of the Foundation and the medical doctors saving human life and health there. The disease I was affected by made me realize that public assistance is often ineffective and the financial resources earmarked for healthcare purposes are spent inefficiently.

He that has never struggled with a serious disease can hardly understand the emotions and problems accompanying it. My efforts to recover eventually led me to the Clinic of Tübingen and Prof. Helmut Breuninger who successfully makes use of Mohs micrographic surgery method, refined by himself, to cure skin cancers there. It was thanks to the application of the treatment that I won the fight against cancer.

The chance I was given made me convinced that I should do something to make the Mohs method, so effective and yet not used in Poland, available to people affected by skin cancer in my country. Thanks to the Foundation and the Sanitas Specialist Medical Centre it has been successfully transferred to Polish medical market,

I believe that this offers a new chance for a successful recovery to all those who need the assistance.

Grzegorz Bierecki
Creator of the Sanitas Foundation, Senator of the Republic of Poland, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of WOCCU

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