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Tomasz BartoszewskiMD

Medical doctor, orthopaedics and kinetic organ
traumatology specialist.
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  • specialist consultations
  • leczenie urazów sportowych
  • leczenie urazów u dzieci
  • injections of platelet-rich plasma
  • arthroscopic rebuilding of anterior crucial ligament with the implant – ACL, cost of the implant not included
  • setting an elbow or infrapatellar bursa, osteochondromas (e.g. calcanean spurs)
  • corrections of hallux valgus (intoe)
  • corrections of hammer finger/toe deformities
  • arthrodesis of foot joints
  • removal of foot lumps
  • extension of Achilles tendon in spastic paralysis
  • shoulder joint arthroscopy
  • reconstructive procedures
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