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Internal medicine

Internal medicine 
  • Internal medicine, also called general medicine, is a branch of medicine which deals with treatment of internal diseases. It is the oldest medical specialization which treats a person holistically. A good general practitioner can assess the functioning of all organs and being acquainted with the entire body of the patient very often can diagnose all emerging or potential diseases faster. It is also connected with the fact that internal medicine deals with diseases of all systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive as well as with allergic, rheumatologic, connective-tissue diseases and endocrinological disorders and many others. In case of a serious disease or difficulty with diagnosis the general practitioner refers a patient to a specialist or to the hospital. Health prophylaxis, which includes for instance preventive vaccinations, is also a very important part of the general practitioner’s scope of responsibilities.

  • specialist consultations
Katarzyna Bobrowska-Karol
Specjalista chorób wewnętrznych.
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Milena Kowalewska-Celejewska
Medical doctor, family medicine specialist.
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Izabela Kowalikowska
Medical doctor, family and travel medicine specialist.
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Małgorzata Niekrasz-Kłopotowska
Medical doctor, internal medicine specialist.
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Elżbieta Tenczyńska-Rutkowska
Medical doctor, internal medicine specialist.
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