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  • Neurology deals with causes, mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of nervous system (it does not include mental illnesses). Modern neurology deals with diseases of the brain, cerebellum, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and autonomic nervous system which means the diseases of both peripheral and central nervous system. Apart from basic clinical examinations neurological diagnostics involve inducing reflexes, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, X-ray examination, tomography, electroencephalography and many others. In recent years pediatric neurology has been undergoing particularly rapid development. This especially refers to very young children and is also termed developmental neurology, which includes diagnosis and very early treatment, even in a child’s fetal life, of congenital neurological diseases (for example spina bifida) and disadvantageous effects of hard labours.

  • specialist consultations
  • konsultacje w ramach medycyny pracy
  • treatment of headaches and migraines
  • treatment of disc herniation and other pain syndromes
  • treatment of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis
  • treatment teams after strokes, polyneuropathy,
Ewa Narożańska
MD, PhD, neurology specialist, internal medicine.
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