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Jacek WiejekMD


Specialist in plastic surgery from the Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn. In 2000 the Warmia and Mazury Business Club awarded him the title of the Personality of the Year for arm replantation in a child. In 2010 he completed specialisation in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. In 2012 Dr. Wiejek did an internship in the Dermatosurgery Clinic of the University of Tűbingen headed by Prof. Helmut Breuninger.

Dr. Wiejek’s chief professional interests include: reconstructive surgery for clefts, congenital defects and post-traumatic facial deformities, surgery of congenital defects and post-traumatic hand deformities, reconstructive surgery of post-traumatic skeletal and integumental defects and deformities; peripheral nerve surgery, surgery of congenital defects and pathologic deformities of auricles, surgery of pressure ulcers, surgical treatment of burns. He performs surgeries using 3D histology and does paediatric surgery procedures.



Paediatric surgery 
  • specialist consultations
  • hernia operations
  • operations of phimosis, hydrocele, varicocele, cryptorchism
  • surgical removal of atheromas, lipomas, fibromas, angiomas, ingrown nails et al.
Plastic surgery 
  • specialist consultations
  • nasal corrections and reconstructions
  • face lifting
  • correction of nasal turbinates
  • plastic surgery of protruding auricles
  • abdominoplasty
  • breast uplift/augmentation/diminution
  • breast reconstruction
  • tattoo removal
Surgical oncology 
  • surgical treatment of tumors using 3D histology, along with the reconstruction of defects (as interdisciplinary treatment)
  • surgical removal of skin neoplasms using Mohs method with the application of 3D-histology

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