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Outpatient clinic


Available specialties:

  • specialist consultations
  • blood total IgE and specific
  • allergen skin test point (prick) to inhalant allergens and food
  • consultation qualifying for surgery at the Centrum Sanitas
Paediatric surgery 
  • specialist consultations
  • hernia operations
  • operations of phimosis, hydrocele, varicocele, cryptorchism
  • surgery of inbred vascular lesions
  • surgical removal of atheromas, lipomas, fibromas, angiomas, ingrown nails et al.
General surgery 
  • specialist consultations
  • choledocholithiasis operations
  • proctologic operations
  • surgical treatment of inguinal, abdominal and umbilical hernia
  • haemorrhoids, hair sinuses
  • operacyjne leczenie żylaków kończyn dolnych z wykonaniem USG doppler żył
  • appendectomies
  • wycinanie wrastających paznokci metodą fenolizacji
  • nacinanie ropni
  • zmiany opatrunków
Surgical oncology 
  • specialist consultations
  • biopsies with histopathological examination
  • surgical treatment of tumors using 3D histology, along with the reconstruction of defects (as interdisciplinary treatment)
  • surgical removal of skin neoplasms using Mohs method with the application of 3D-histology

    Cena zależy od ilości docięć i obszaru zamknięcia.  

  • surgical removal of neoplastic lesion from soft tissue
  • surgical removal of tumors eyelids, lips, cheek, along with the reconstruction of defects (as interdisciplinary treatment)
Plastic surgery 
  • specialist consultations
  • nasal corrections and reconstructions
  • face lifting
  • correction of nasal turbinates
  • eyelid corrections
  • plastic surgery of protruding auricles
  • abdominoplasty
  • breast uplift/augmentation/diminution
  • breast reconstruction
  • tattoo removal
Arm surgery 
  • konsultacje specjalistyczne
  • extremity amputation (on the level of fingers/toes)
  • treatment of compressive syndromes, e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome
  • synovectomy in ankylosis, tendonitis
  • reconstructions, nerve and tendon suture
  • corrective plastic surgery, removal of scars involving skin graft
  • treatment of palmar (Dupuytren’s) contracture
  • syndactyly (conjoined fingers)
Chirurgia stopy 
  • Alloplastyka stawów śródstopno-palcowych i mniejszych stawów palców
  • Korekcje palucha koślawego - Halluxy
  • Korekcje palca młotkowatego
  • Artroskopia stawu skokowego górnego i dolnego, oraz mniejszych stawów stopy
  • Usztywnienie stawów w obrębie stopy
  • Operacyje zespołów uciskowych np. zespół kanału stępu
  • Operacyjne leczenia przewlekłych niestabilności stawu skokowego
  • Wydłużenie ścięgna Achillesa
  • Korekcje płaskostopia
  • Leczenie zaburzeń zrostu kości po złamaniach
  • Operacyje entezopatii np.: ostrogi piętowej, zapalenie przyczepu dalszego ścięgna Achillesa
Chirurgia układu współczulnego 
  • kuretaż retrodermalny pach w leczeniu nadpotliwości pachowej
  • sympatektomia piersiowa w leczeniu erytrofobii (napadowego czerwienienia twarzy)
  • sympatektomia piersiowa w leczeniu nadpotliwości dłoniowej i nadpotlwiości twarzy
Choroby zakaźne 
  • konsultacje specjalistyczne
  • specialist consultations
  • freeze skin lesions using cryotherapy
  • evaluation of skin lesions using the dermatoscope
  • removal of skin lesions by electrocoagulation
  • specialist consultations
  • treatment of diabetes type 1 and type 2 diabetes in adults and gestational
  • measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C)
  • keeping patients in good physical and mental condition
  • development of diet in diabetes / also associated with overweight and obesity
  • treatment of insulin resistance, hypertension, lipid disorders / cholesterol, triglycerides
  • specialist consultations
  • development of diet
  • body composition analysis
  • examination of body fat
  • anthropometric measurements
  • fault diagnosis of nutritional
  • tests for food intolerance
  • Endocrinology is a branch of medicine and the study of endocrine secreting glands, the hormones they produce and the way they function as well as of diseases induced by function disorder or changes in the structure of these glands. Endocrine glands which constitute human endocrine system include: pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid glands, mammary glands, adrenal glands, male and female genital glands, pancreas. The chief aim of endocrinology is treatment of disorders connected with secretion of hormones responsible for regulation and coordination of proper functioning of tissues and organs as well as maintaining the state of balance in the body. Endocrinology is most commonly used in gynaecology and pediatrics but it is an interdisciplinary science which almost all branches of medicine benefit from. Diseases of endocrine system are most commonly treated with appropriately chosen hormonal therapies.

    During the consultation an endocrinologist will take a thorough medical history and request tests in order to diagnose the disease and plan appropriate treatment.

  • specialist consultations
  • diagnosis of disorders of the endocrine glands
  • specialist consultations
  • treatment of GERD, esophageal disease, gastrointestinal disease of the liver and pancreas
  • treatment of intestinal diseases: irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, disease Cronh'a; malabsorption syndrome (coeliakia);
  • GERIATRA - lekarz dla seniora

    Lekarz geriatra zajmuje się diagnozowaniem i leczeniem chorób wieku podeszłego, do których zalicza się min. osteoporozę, zwyrodnienie stawów czy cukrzycę. Zapraszamy do poradni geriatrycznej w Sanitas.

  • konsultacje specjalistyczne
  • konsultacje specjalistyczne
  • badanie USG
  • prowadzenie ciąży
  • leczenie nadżerek metodą krioterapii i elektrokoagulacji
  • leczenie zaburzeń miesiączkowania
  • leczenie stanu zapalnego narządu rodnego
  • leczenie niepłodności
  • antykoncepcja
  • konsultacje specjalistyczne
  • specialist consultations
  • diagnosis of immune disorders
  • treatment of immune disorders
Internal medicine 
  • Internal medicine, also called general medicine, is a branch of medicine which deals with treatment of internal diseases. It is the oldest medical specialization which treats a person holistically. A good general practitioner can assess the functioning of all organs and being acquainted with the entire body of the patient very often can diagnose all emerging or potential diseases faster. It is also connected with the fact that internal medicine deals with diseases of all systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive as well as with allergic, rheumatologic, connective-tissue diseases and endocrinological disorders and many others. In case of a serious disease or difficulty with diagnosis the general practitioner refers a patient to a specialist or to the hospital. Health prophylaxis, which includes for instance preventive vaccinations, is also a very important part of the general practitioner’s scope of responsibilities.

  • specialist consultations
  • Cardiology deals with congenital cardiovascular diseases as well as physiology and pathophysiology of the entire circulatory system. The so-called cardiovascular diseases including, among others, hypertension also belong to cardiologists’ scope of interest. A lot of attention is paid to ischemic heart diseases, for example coronary heart disease and cardiac failure as well as cardiac disorders, for example atrial fibrillation. The current development of cardiology is connected on the one hand with an increase in the morbidity rate of various circulatory system diseases and on the other with introducing new methods of diagnosis based on modern technique such as, for example electrocardiography, echocardiography, isotope and hemodynamic investigations. Nowadays circulatory system diseases are considered to be the most common civilization diseases in developed countries.

  • Echo serca
  • specialist consultations
  • EKG test with description
  • zabiegi w znieczuleniu ogólnym
  • adenotomy + paracentesis
  • adenotomy – removal of pharyngeal tonsils
  • Adenoidectomy + tonsillotomia - excision of adenoid and tonsil undercut side
  • nasal septum surgeries
  • FESS-type operation (functional endoscopic sinus surgery)
  • Tonsillectomy - notch side of the tonsils
  • Removal of the parotid gland
  • Septoplastyka
  • specialist consultations
  • removal of submandibular gland
  • removal of lesion in palatal mucosa
  • prevention of nosebleeds through coagulation of vascular plexi using various methods
  • labial frenectomy
  • lingual frenectomy
  • removal of side tonsils, lateral or median neck cysts
  • nasal polypectomy
  • specialist consultations
  • diagnosis of speech
  • neurologopedic therapy for people who have lost or have difficulty in mastering the ability to speak properly
  • pedagogical therapy
  • treatment of speech defects of children and adults
  • therapy of stuttering children and adults
  • gymnastics mouth and tongue
  • activities supporting the development of the child's speech
  • exercise jurisdiction
  • compensatory and stimulating work with children with dyslexia
Travel medicine 
  • specialist consultations
  • vaccination against, among others. Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, poliomyelitis (polio), typhoid fever, tick-borne encephalitis, and other
  • antimalarial prophylaxis and other insect-borne diseases
  • help with the travel first aid kit accessories
  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases after returning from the tropics
Occupational medicine 
  • The SMC Sanitas occupational medicine outpatient clinic offers pre-employment medical examinations, return-to-work health examinations and periodic health examinations for workers. They are conducted by an occupational medicine specialist or an ophthalmologist.

    Covered by the occupational medicine services are employees of the entities which have signed an appropriate contract with the Sanitas Centre. In order to get further information please contact the secretary’s office by phone: + 58 785-85-50 or by email: sekretariat@centrumsanitas.pl.

  • specialist consultations
  • diagnosis of viral infections-bacteriological
  • diagnosis of refractory osteomyelitis
  • diagnosis of difficult to heal wounds
  • Nephrology deals with acute and recurrent diseases of kidneys which, contrary to urology, are treated with non-invasive procedures. These most often include kidney stones, nephrotic syndrome, kidney failure, diabetic nephropathy, urinary incontinence, pyelitis or urinary tract infection.

    A nephrologist makes a diagnosis not only based on urine test but also on specialist examinations such as X-rays, ultrasonography, scyntygraphy, voiding cystourethrogram) etc. He/she is responsible not only for treatment of seriously ill patients but also for observation of people with an increased risk of kidney diseases. A nephrologist supervises the patient’s dialyses.

  • specialist consultations
  • specialist consultations
  • spine surgery
  • minimally invasive techniques in spinal surgery
  • neurooncology
  • Neurology deals with causes, mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of nervous system (it does not include mental illnesses). Modern neurology deals with diseases of the brain, cerebellum, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and autonomic nervous system which means the diseases of both peripheral and central nervous system. Apart from basic clinical examinations neurological diagnostics involve inducing reflexes, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, X-ray examination, tomography, electroencephalography and many others. In recent years pediatric neurology has been undergoing particularly rapid development. This especially refers to very young children and is also termed developmental neurology, which includes diagnosis and very early treatment, even in a child’s fetal life, of congenital neurological diseases (for example spina bifida) and disadvantageous effects of hard labours.

  • konsultacje w ramach medycyny pracy
  • specialist consultations
  • treatment teams after strokes, polyneuropathy,
  • treatment of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis
  • treatment of disc herniation and other pain syndromes
  • treatment of headaches and migraines
  • konsultacje specjalistyczne
  • usunięcie kaszaka powiek
  • usunięcia kępki żółtej
  • usunięcie gradówki
  • usunięcie brodawki na powiece
  • pomiar ciśnienia w oku metodą tonometryczną
  • komputerowe badanie wzroku za pomocą autorefraktometru
  • badanie dna oka
Children's ophthalmology 
  • removal of chalazion
  • squint divergent of one eye
  • probing the tear channel
Hospital ophthalmology 
  • cataract surgery with implantation of an artificial lens
  • zabiegi w znieczuleniu ogólnym
  • specialist consultations
  • leczenie urazów sportowych
  • leczenie urazów u dzieci
  • injections of platelet-rich plasma
  • removal or stabiliser depending on the volume of the latter
  • arthroscopic rebuilding of anterior crucial ligament with the implant – ACL, cost of the implant not included
  • setting an elbow or infrapatellar bursa, osteochondromas (e.g. calcanean spurs)
  • corrections of hallux valgus (intoe)
  • corrections of hammer finger/toe deformities
  • arthrodesis of foot joints
  • removal of foot lumps
  • extension of Achilles tendon in spastic paralysis
  • arthroscopy
  • knee joint arthroscopy
  • shoulder joint arthroscopy
  • reconstructive procedures
  • Konsultacja podologiczna
Pain treatment clinic 
  • The pain treatment clinic deals with the diagnostics and treatment of severe and chronic pain syndromes regardless of their causes, among others post-traumatic and post-surgical pain syndromes, pains after shingles, migraines, headaches, spinal pain syndrome and others. Methods of pain treatment can be divided into pharmacological and non-pharmacological. The former consist mainly in administering painkillers to the patient. Nowadays non-pharmacological pain management methods are becoming more widely used provided they are carried out by experienced doctors.

  • specialist consultations
  • acupuncture
  • regenerative therapy – joint (intra-articular) injection/block
  • Specialist consultations
  • Oferujemy psychoterapię dla dorosłych i młodzieży odnośnie:

    - trudności z kontrolowaniem emocji, ze zmianami nastroju,

    - problemów występujących w relacjach z innymi ludźmi,

    - zmagań ze stresem, depresją, lękiem, bezsennością, bólami

      (nie wyjaśnionymi medycznie),

    - poczucia braku sensu życia, trudności w formułowaniu życiowych celów,

    - obrazu siebie samego, niskiej samooceny, poczucia bezradności,

    - wychodzenia z kryzysów życiowych/radzenia sobie z trudnymi sytuacjami,

    - trudności w adaptowaniu się do kolejnych faz życia,

    - kryzysu rozwodowego,

    - poszukiwania własnej tożsamości,

    - zaburzeń depresyjnych, lękowych, nerwicowych.

  • konsultacje specjalistyczne
  • consultation of CT, MRI, X-ray
  • thyroid ultrasound
  • ultrasound TRUS
  • ultrasound hips baby, infant
  • ultrasound examination of the hip joints
  • ultrasound, orthopedic (joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments)
  • doppler ultrasound of the veins, arteries of the lower limbs and upper
  • ultrasound examination of the abdomen
  • ultrasound superficial organs, larynx, salivary glands
  • ultrasound examination of lymph nodes
  • breast ultrasound
  • ultrasound examination of the joints, tendons, muscles, organs,
  • testicular ultrasound
  • ultrasound eyeballs
  • Drenaż limfatyczny
  • Prądy
    • Galwanizacja,
    • Traeberta,
    • TENS,
    • Prądy diadynamiczne,
    • Prądy interferencyjne (Nemeca),
    • Jonoforeza.
  • Terapia powięziowa
  • Terapia punktów spustowych
  • Rehabilitacja metodami specjalnymi
    • Terapia powięziowa, terapia punktów spustowych,
    • Proprioceptywne torowanie nerwowo-mięsniowe(PNF),
    • Funkcjonalna Osteopatia i Integracja FOI
    • Kinetic Kontrol
  • Ćwiczenia
    • bierne,
    • izometryczne,
    • czynne właściwe,
    • czynne w odciążeniu,
    • oporowe,
    • oporowe w odciążeniu,
    • równoważne,
    • koordynacyjne,
    • usprawniające kręgosłup,
    • thera band - ćwiczenia z taśmami.
  • Fale H(H-wave)
  • Fale o średniej częstotliwości(modulowane amplitudowo)
  • Fonoforeza
  • Fotovita(leczenie depresji sezonowej(ChAS), stanow obnizonego nastroju, zaburzeń snu, syndrom "jet lag")
  • Galwanizacja
  • Impulsy stymulacyje(elektrodiagnostyka)
  • Interferencja
    • 4-polowa,
    • 2-polowa,
    • izoplanarna,
    • wektor dipolowy.
  • Jonoforeza
  • Kinezyterapia 45 minut
  • Oklejanie (kinesiotape) 15 minut
  • Lampa Sollux
  • Laseroterapia
  • Laser biostymulacyjny
  • Magnetoterapia
  • Masaż leczniczy / Masaż tkanek głębokich
    • kręgosłupa,
    • całego ciała,
    • odcinka kręgosłupa,
    • jednej kończyny.

    czas trwania: 30’ / 60’

  • Masaż suchy
  • Prądy
    • Kotza,
    • Traeberta,
    • TENS,
    • prądy diadynamiczne,
    • Prądy interferencyjne (Nemeca),
    • Leduca,
    • faradyczny, neofaradyczny,
    • Mikroprądy.
  • Rehabilitacja metodami specjalnymi
    • Mieśniowo-powięziowe rozluźnianie T.Myers' & J. Earls' Anatomy Trains,
    • Bezpośrednie techniki powięziowe z wykorzystaniem modelu FDM,
    • Spiralna Stabilizacja Mięśniowa 1A+B, 1C+D,
    • Metoda McKenziego,
    • Funkcjonalna Indywidualna Terapia Skolioz(FITS) - terapia manualna, powięziowa, terapia punktów spustowych, neuromobilizacje i PNF,
    • Proprioceptywne torowanie nerwowo-mięsniowe(PNF),
    • PNF w pediatri,
    • Współczesne metody diagnozy i leczenia tkanek miekkich: Techniki energizacji mięśni część 1, część 2, Mięśniowo-powięziowe rozluźnianie, Techniki aktywnego rozluźniania ,Dr J.Ciechomski.
  • Stymulacje spastyczne (wg Hufschmidta)
  • Tonoliza
  • Ultradźwięki
  • Wysokie napięcie(HSV)
  • Rheumatology is medical specialty dealing with diagnostics, prevention and treatment of rheumatic diseases, or degenerative and inflammatory diseases of bones, joints and connective tissue.

  • specialist consultations
  • oferowana jest diagnostyka oraz leczenie w pełnym zakresie urologii

  • specialist consultations
  • penile frenectomy in adults
  • operation of spermatic cord varices using laparoscopy
  • transurethral electroresection of prostate
  • prostate biopsy
  • removal of urethral catheter, urethra polyp
  • testicle amputation
  • catheterization
  • circumcision, paraphimosis surgery, closing of the penile wound with sutures, epididymal sperm retrieval
  • operation of balanic hypospadia, urethral fistula operation
  • hydrocele operation
  • testicular prosthesis implantation
  • operation of spermatic cord or epididymal cyst
  • transurethral resection of bladder tumour (TURT)
  • laser ablation of bladder tumour
  • diagnostic cystoscopy
  • cystoskopia diagnostyczna
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