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Diagnostic tests

1. Blood collection facility

The Sanitas Centre has a blood collection facility. The material can also be collected at the patient’s home or at the facility of a Sanitas Centre’s partner.  

2. USG 

The Sanitas Centre is equipped with a digital ultrasonography machine (USG) to perform ultrasonography at the Centre.

3. Dermatoscopy

Dermatoscopy consist in examining selected skin lesion using a dermatoscope. The latter is an optical device, with a source of bright light, used by the physician to obtain a high magnification view of the lesion. The examination takes from a few up to a dozen or so minutes to complete.

4. Ocular examinations

These include: tonometry – a test to measure the pressure inside patient’s eye, autorefractometry – computer-based eyesight examination, ophthtalmoscopy, fitting of eyeglasses.

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