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Occupational medicine

Occupational medicine 
  • The SMC Sanitas occupational medicine outpatient clinic offers pre-employment medical examinations, return-to-work health examinations and periodic health examinations for workers. They are conducted by an occupational medicine specialist or an ophthalmologist.

    Covered by the occupational medicine services are employees of the entities which have signed an appropriate contract with the Sanitas Centre. In order to get further information please contact the secretary’s office by phone: + 58 785-85-50 or by email: sekretariat@centrumsanitas.pl.

Aneta Bardoń-Błaszkowska
Specjalista medycyny pracy.


Grażyna Wysogląd

Medical doctor, occupational medicine specialist



       (+ 48 58) 785-85-55
Clinical hours:
8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
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