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Oncotherapy at Sanitas Centre

The Sanitas Center of Specialized Medicine is specialized in treatment of neoplasms with the use of the 3D histology – Mohs micrographic method modified by Prof. Helmut Breuninger, referred to as the 3D histology.

Our Center has been aligned to the highest medical standards, which allows us to take the advantage of the 3D histology on the highest European level. Our patients are taken care of by a qualified medical team which consists of experienced specialists trained in the Dermatosurgery Clinic of Tűbingen by Prof. Helmut Breuninger. What is more, we maintain permanent co-operation with Prof. Breuninger sharing with us his knowledge and experience.

The course of treatment in the Sanitas Center

Before the surgery is performed the patient is consulted by a specialist in order to make sure that he/she qualifies for the application of the three-dimensional histology. The first consultation takes place at the Outpatient Surgical Oncology Clinic. During that consultation decisions about treatment or necessary (local or general) anesthesia are taken and further specialist consultations and diagnostic examinations are scheduled.

The date of the surgery is set after all the indispensable examinations have been performed. The material which is taken during the procedure is subsequently sent out for histopathological examination. During that period the patient remains in the ward. Next, should this turn out to be necessary, margins are cut yet again. When the full oncological cleanliness is achieved the wound is closed and the cavity is subject to plastic reconstruction.

The patient stays at the Center from several hours to three days (at the most), depending on the kind of the applied anesthesia and the time necessary to achieve the due result.

After the surgery, several outpatient postoperative check-ups are needed until the wound heals and the sutures are removed.

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